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AD pictures - semper optima... fuck.

About AD pictures

Previous Entry AD pictures Feb. 4th, 2007 @ 02:08 pm

From now on, this page will be updated with AD-pics. You'll find everything I ever drew for AD here. New pictures will be added whenever I draw something new. All the pictures you're seeing here - well, I scanned them a second time and now they look a lot better than the older pictures. The colours are better now - not brighter, but more like they look on the original drawings.

You can find the English version of Amicus Draconis here, the German one here.

The pictures show characters that are owned by JKRowling and those created by Yamato; they are thus not mine. They are shown in situations created by Yamato and/or JKRowling. Thus, be aware of the plots of both Harry Potter and Amicus Draconis - there may be spoilers here. Also, if you are not familiar with the themes AD deals with, be sure you become familiar with them BEFORE you watch these pictures - because they may deal with slash and death. If you don't want to see such pictures, DON'T watch these.


Jänner-3-2009: Old pics, finally uploaded: cotb 05 04 - Draco and Bridget, cotb 07 03 - Cho and Macnair at Lestrange Manor and cots 15 04 - Trelawney's Prophecy.

August-7-2008: Long time no new pictures. Hopefully that's gonna change now; a friend of my dad's came over and managed to repair our scanner. New pixies: cotb 09 09 - Marcus and cots 15 03 - Pansy getting on Draco's nerves

April-2-2007: Added cots15 02: The Wedding (see below for information).

cotb00 - Trailer

cotb 00 01 - Sirius Black (11-3-2004)
Sexy Sirius xD

cotb01 - Children of Magic - Kinder der Zauberkraft

cotb 01 01 - The Seer - Die Seherin (20-1-2004)
Narcissa is consulting the crystal orb.

cotb 01 02 - Nightmare #1 - Nachtmahr #1 (6-7-2003)
Incidentally the last picture of a Ghost Rider and his horse I drew but the first one to be listed here. Creepy.

cotb 01 03 - Nightmare #2 - Nachtmahr #2 (10-6-2003)
A member of the Ghost Riders, riding on one of the demonic horses called Nightmares... Well. I actually copied the horse from a children's fairy tale book, because I suck at drawing creatures.

cotb 01 04 - Nightmare #3 - Nachtmahr #3 (25-6-2003)
Whoosh. Another Ghost Rider, swooshing through the moon-lit sky.

cotb02 - Encounter at Hogwarts - Begegnung in Hogwarts

cotb 02 01 - Owl Accident - Eulenunfall (9-3-2004)
Lucilla, inventing new ways of punishing others if she's not feeling too well. She's creative.

cotb 02 02 - Headmaster Snape - Direktor Snape (Autumn 2003)
No exact date for this picture. Look closer and find the two Dark Marks in the picture - the first one to find out will... well. Be praised forever. *g*

cotb03 - The Underwater Quidditch Game - Quidditch unter Wasser

cotb 03 01 - Chieftainess Murcus - Häuptlingin Murcus (3-2-2004)
Murcus with one of her pet Grindylows. I like her fishtail and the bright red bits in her green hair.

cotb 03 02 - Caught in the Spider's Net - Im Netz der Spinne (26-12-2004)
Terry Boot is caught in the Spider's Net.

cotb 03 03 - Lisa and Harry - Lisa und Harry (1-2-2004)
Harry can always comfort other people. And Lisa thinks he's wise. Cute.

cotb04 - Offers and Offerings - Angebote und Opfergaben

cotb 04 01 - Peter Pettigrew (13-8-2004)
Peter Pettigrew, as he appears in the flames and sees his Erinnye for the first time.

cotb 04 02 - Tod and Cho - Tod und Cho (23-6-2003)
Well, Cho is supposed to be asleep here (or isn't she?), so... just imagine her eyes are closed. This is when Pettigrew tells Tod to go to Diagon Alley. A razzia... yippie *gg*

cotb 04 03 - Devil's Grip The Iron Fist (9-6-2003)
The second pic I ever drew for AD, showing Draco in the Leaky Cauldron, surrounded by his lads and an artistic in-the-scene-not-really-existing snake.

cotb 04 04 - Draco Malfoy (28-8-2004)
Draco Malfoy. Oh well. What else to say? xD

cotb 04 05 - She's not a month - Sie ist kein Monat (27-12-2004)
Hermione doesn't want to talk to Ron after he calls her "Mi". Because, well, she's not a month.

cotb 04 06 - Hai, Toto-chan (1-7-2004)
Tod comes back from the Diagon Alley razzia to find his butterfly still (or so he thinks) asleep and in bed.

cotb05 - Owl SMS - Eulen SMS

cotb 05 01 - The Writing on the Wall - Auf der Wand (3-7-2004)
Adrian Pucey receiving a secret message in a dark alleyway from a mysterious man. So who exactly is this Bridget Hanson?

cotb 05 02 - Dead Jenny - Jenny ist tot (28-2-2004)
Bridget, shocked that her friend Jenny has been killed, drops the phone and quickly opens her braid -

cotb 05 03 - Bridget (28-2-2004)
- because otherwise the quick change of hair style couldn't be explained. Duh. Inconsistency is baaaaaad.

cotb 05 04 - Draco and Bridget - Draco und Bridget (23-7-2008)
Flying above London. How charming.

cotb06 - Blood Oracle I - Das Blutorakel I

cotb 06 01 - The Creepy Girl in the Rain - Das Mädchen im Regen (16-10-2003)
Drawn during a history class. The creepy girl in the rain is about to kill a muggle. She looks older in this picture than she's supposed to; I think in the story she's only 15 or so.

cotb 06 02 - Mother and Daughter - Mutter und Tochter (6-2-2004)
Marguerite comforting her little daughter Cècile.

cotb 06 03 - Verdandi, Urd and Skuld - Verdandi, Urd und Skuld (9-6-2003)
This was the first picture I ever drew for AD. It shows, of course, the three sisters, Verdandi, Urd and Skuld performing the Blood Ritual in order to find out about their futures.

cotb 06 04 - Eavesdropping - Lauschen ist eine Unsitte (16-12-2003)
Drawn during my Titanic-phase, this picture shows Marguerite being crucioed by her father Istave (not in the picture) in the entrance hall of Lestrange Manor. The staircase one sees behind her is, of course, the grand staircase of the Titanic. Even the clock.

cotb 06 05 - Camille and Crucio - Camille und Crucio (24-7-2005)
Camille (who seems to like dramatic clothes) crucioes little baby Neville.

cotb 06 06 - The Third Sister - Die Dritte Schwester (7-3-2004)
Her face emerges from the flames. Of course she has better things to do than to quarrell with her sister.

cotb07 - Blood Oracle II: Priori Incantatem - Das Blutorakel II: Priori Incantatem

cotb 07 01 - Coral and Neville - Coral und Neville (8-1-2004)
I like Coral in this picture (I better do, it's the only one I've drawn of her so far). I think she and Neville will make a cute couple, although they'd better watch out, I doubt the whole pureblood society would like to see... halfbreeds, to use Umbridge speech.

cotb 07 02 - Priori Incantatem (10-3-2004)
Lucilla und Véronique connecting the wands. Camille emerges. It's always such a nice thing to have a family meeting.

cotb 07 03 - Cho and Macnair at Lestrange Manor (21-7-2008)
I think it was Lestrange Manor. Cho's anatomy isn't very correct, unfortunately.

cotb08 - As far as Dreams can carry - Soweit die Träume tragen

cotb 08 01 - Draco and Marcus - Draco und Marcus (30-12-2004)
Draco could help Marcus. Only if Marcus wants to be helped, of course.

cotb 08 02 - Diana #1 (2-7-2003)
Diana, not so much in action. I like this pic better than the one that is to follow - this seems to be much more clearer, if you understand what I mean.

cotb 08 03 - Diana #2 (24-6-2003)
Diana in action, spinning around, shooting... well. Don't mess with gods. Even if they're nothing but sketchy statues.

cotb 08 04 - Ginny at the Waterfall - Ginny am Wasserfall (7-7-2004)
Ginny is in love with Harry, but he isn't in love with her, so she has to hang out alone at the falls at New Hogwarts.

cotb09 - Love is a Song that never ends - Liebe ist mehr als nur ein Wort

cotb 09 01 - Scene I: Magical Me (18-1-2004)
Rita Skeeter, a brunette Gilderoy Lockhart and tons of make-the-sky-blue-powder. What a romantic scene.

cotb 09 02 - Scene II: Ohne Liebe (20-1-2004)
Cho, walking through Diagon Alley. I love her coat (although I am very much against killing animals in order to make their fur into a fancy coat like this one).

cotb 09 03 - Scene VI: Liebe ist... #1 (10-6-2003)
Hermione and Ron... very Titanic-esque. I didn't like doing background back then (though, in fact, I still don't like it best nowadays) but I felt something would be missing if I hadn't drawn at least some hints of New Hogwarts.

cotb 09 04 - Scene VI: Liebe ist... #2 (23-6-2003)
A better version of Ron and Hermione flying than the one before, although Hermione looks rather masculine here... duh.

cotb 09 05 - Scene VII: Entflammt #1 (5-11-2003)
Cho mourning in the Diggory vault. I don't know whether one can see she's holding a golden phoenix in her hand. But since that isn't important anyway...

cotb 09 06 - Scene VII: Entflammt #2 (12-4-2004)
Cho needs her drugs. Very much.

cotb 09 07 - Scene VIII: Verflucht #1 (3-10-2003)
Camille arising from her grave. Or rather, from the shadowy mists. One of her hands is still nothing but skeletons. And the face is of course Voldemort. A little bit borrowed from the first HP movie, where he also swooshed with his face when he was nothing but shadow.

cotb 09 08 - Scene VIII: Verflucht #2 (15-10-2003)
Camille singing, her hair still misty. I like her face, although she looks like she's suffering from bulimia or anorexia since... ever.

cotb 09 09 - Marcus (26-12-2007)
Marcus sitting on a rooftop (methinks scene 6), the house he sits on catching fire.

cotb10 - Phoenix Fire - Das Feuer des Phoenix

cotb 10 01 - Katie Bell and Dementors - Katie Bell und die Dementoren (12-1-2004)
A very dark picture, with Dumbledore and Katie as... light. Ah, poor Katie. She also looks like she hasn't eaten for weeks.

cotb 10 02 - Letters - Briefe (17-3-2004)
Ginny is a very bad girl. A very bad girl indeed, because she reads Harry's secret mail.

cotb 10 03 - Lucius and Snape - Lucius und Snape (31-1-2004)
Hm. I think they're only close friends. Very close, though :D

cotb 10 04 - McGonagall and Harry - McGonagall und Harry (19-12-2004)
They may only be kids, but they want to help.

cotb 10 05 - Too late for Marcus - Zu spät, Marcus (6-1-2005)
Marcus waited too long, and even those who appear generous and nice... may poison you when you expect it the least.

cotb 10 06 - Puppets - Püppchen (21-1-2004)
Istave Lestrange looking at his new puppet. He's creepy.

cotb11 - Once upon a December - Es war einmal im Dezember

cotb 11 01 - Dance with the Prince - Tanz mit dem Prinz (Autumn 2003)
I didn't write the actual date on the pic, but I remember I drew it in school. It shows The Prince dancing with his princess (or rather, one of his princesses). The prince wears Disney-esque prince clothing.

cotb 11 02 - The Blue Rose - Die blaue Rose (20-10-2003)
Lucilla finds the blue rose in her mother's drawer and sees prince and princess dancing. I like the family drawing, although it's rather sketchy and doesn't fit my later Lucius pictures (which are very movie!lucius).

cotb 11 03 - The Year Book - Das Jahrbuch (8-7-2004)
Draco doesn't like being disturbed when he looks at his yearbook and remembers the good old times. Not even (or, well, especially not) by his little sister.

cotb 11 04 - The Pensieve - Das Pensieve (23-12-2003)
Narcissa standing in front of the Pensieve she'll give to Draco. What a nice Christmas Present.

cotb 11 05 - Jealosy - Eifersucht (17-12-2003)
Lucilla, who has been told by her mother to wear a not-so-sexy dress (the collar even hiding her neck), eyes Gabrielle Delacour, who's been allowed to wear a rather... brave dress, jealously. To be honest, I got the facts wrong - in the story it's Véronique, Lucilla's cousin, who wears the daring dress, but since Véronique is a redhead, I can't say it's her. Pity.

cotb 11 06 - Dear Sisters - Liebende Schwestern (13-2-2004)
Marguerite and Narcissa - of course they love each other... (haha).

cotb 11 07 - The Dark Prince - Der dunkle Prinz (23-12-2003)
Voldemort, the Dark Prince - well. He likes dramatic entrances, so don't worry about the Dementors and the fire.

cotb 11 08 - Cho and the Owl - Cho und die Eule (no date, probably 2003/04)
Cho (whose head seems to be too big for her body) is writing a secret message.

cotb 11 09 - Sirius and Remus - Sirius und Remus (8-1-2004)
I like them. And Sirius looks good here.

cotb 11 10 - Tell me about the things you see - Erzähl mir von den Dingen, die du siehst (17-12-2003)
Lucilla receiving her own lilac rose with prince and princess dancing therein. I like the structure of the picture (I have to praise myself *g*).

cotb 11 11 - Just tonight - Es ist nur für heute Abend (18-12-2003)
One of the few intimate moments between Ron and Hermione. Cute.

cotb 11 12 - Cho and Draco - Cho und Draco (18-1-2004)
Nothing to say here, except: Draco + Cho + alone = not good.

cotb 11 13 - Father and Daughter - Vater und Tochter (3-1-2004)
Lucius Malfoy (now having the movie!lucius look) carrying his little daughter who's fallen asleep. Notice that her hand is closed, she's hiding her rose in it - I doubt Lucius would be too happy if he found out his daughter is already losing her innocence.

cotb 11 14 - Dead Butterfly - Toter Schmetterling (23-12-2003)
Cho Chang (whose dress should look like a kimono - duh) has fallen onto the steps. Well, sad, because I love drawing her. Lucky the whole next episode was going to be about her :)

cotb12 - Erinnye

cotb 12 01 - Three Faces - Drei Gesichter (10-1-2004)
Cho - bitch, demon and member of the Order. What a nice mixture.

cotb 12 02 - Caught - Erwischt (7-4-2004)
Alright, I made big mistakes here. Huge ones. I just placed Harry and Cedric all wrong, because behind blue Cedric there is blue sky and behind green Harry there is green bushes. Duh.

cotb 12 03 - Beneath the surface - Unter der Oberfläche (13-4-2004)
Cedric saves Cho during the Second Triwizard Tournament Task.

cotb 12 04 - Forever (6-9-2004)
An experiment: Combining crayons and watercolour. I think it turned out pretty well. And backgrounds are much quicker made with watercolour.

cotb 12 05 - Annis Borgin and Cho - Die Annis Borgin und Cho (5-8-2004)
The Annis is creepy, especially since she slices Cho open with her fingernails. And her teeth are green and yellow.

cotb 12 06 - At Macnair Manor - In Macnair Manor (2-8-2004)
Cho (who, just like Katie and Camille above seems to lately suffer from bulimia or anorexia, at least when you look at her hands!) meets her father at Malfoy Manor. The picture behind the two of them is pretty much one of LotR movie!arwen that I copied from one of the illustrated movie-books.

cotb 12 07 - There's Blood on your Dress - Du hast Blutflecken auf deinem Kleid (22-9-2004)
Well, here it's rather on her hands. That doesn't make things better for her, of course.

cotb 12 08 - Monster (20-9-2004)
An eerie creepy version of Cho that only Pettigrew ever got to see.

cotb 12 09 - Falling - Fallend (9-8-2004)
Finally we get to know how Cho landed on the stairs last episode. I think it's sad. There probably should be more shards, but I didn't feel like drawing more of them, so... well.

cotb 12 10 - The Sun is Sleeping Quietly... (12-8-2004)
This one is actually the closest (and it is indeed very very very close) my-imagination!draco I ever managed to draw. That's what he looks like in my imagination.

cotb 12 11 - Tarja on a Horsie - Tarja auf 'nem Pferd (27-8-2004)
It's a silly picture. Tarja Turunen riding on a unicorn, singing "The Sun is Sleeping Quietly".

cotb13 - Upon the 13th Hour - Bis zur 13. Stunde

cotb 13 01 - A Nightmare - Ein Alptraum (3-11-2004)
Ginny cannot sleep well. She's having nightmares.

cotb 13 02 - Showering - Unter der Dusche (19-12-2004)
Lucius's having a shower.

cotb 13 03 - They're coming - Sie kommen (2-1-2005)
Ginny sees Ghost Riders approaching.

cotb 13 04 - Fallen (10-1-2005)
Ginny has been hit by Draco's Avada Kedavra, and she falls into the rough waves... blank expression. Over and out.

cotb 13 05 - Brother and Sister - Bruder und Schwester (17-1-2005)
Ron mourns. He can't believe that his best friend trusted the one who... killed his sister. He wants revenge.

cotb 13 06 - Buried Alive - Lebendig Begraben #1 (20-1-2005)
Ginny has been trapped and her hands are all bloody.

cotb 13 07 - Buried Alive - Lebendig Begraben #2 (9-11-2006)
Ginny screams. Her hands are all bloody and we see her from above, lying there... apparently not as dead as we had assumed before.

cots14 - Sprung from my only Hate I - Aus einz'gem Hass entbrannt I

cots 14 01 - At Madam Malkin's - Bei Madam Malkins (10-4-2005)
That's where it all began... At Madam Malkin's, where Harry met Draco for the first time.

cots 14 02 - Leo Rubeus et Draco Viridis (25-8-2005)
Lion and Snake are fighting.

cots 14 03 - Narcissa and Baby Draco - Narcissa und der kleine Draco (9-7-2006)
Narcissa mourns because her husband might go to Azkaban forever.

cots 14 04 - Narcissa in the Ministry - Narcissa im Ministerium (5-2-2007)
Narcissa and a Houselve at the Ministry.

cots15 - Sprung from my only Hate II: Prodigious Birth of Love it is to me - Aus einz'gem Hass entbrannt II: Dass es die Lieb' so übel mit mir meint

cots 15 01 - Lucius and Narcissa - Lucius und Narcissa (13-8-2006)
The Ritual is just too much for Narcissa - but she is not as weak as she appears. She has great plans.

cots 15 02 - The Wedding - Die Hochzeit (2-3-2007)
This one was done quite fast; I simply photographed it, because I would've had to scan it in two pieces and stick them together with paint or photoshop or whatever - maybe I'm gonna do it sometime. Maybe I'm even gonna work some more on this pic... I'm not sure yet. I like the basic concept, however - I like it very much.

cots 15 03 - Pansy getting on Draco's nerves (16-07-2008)
Er... title says everything. Inspired by the fourth-grade train ride to Hogwarts.

cots 15 04 - Trelawney's Prophecy - Trelawneys Prophezeiung (17-7-2008)
Shocked Narcissa, Dumbledore and unconscious Trelawney. How charming.

ad - Misc - Keiner Folge zuzuordnen

Camille #1 (22-7-2003)
A pale Bellatrix Lestrange which incidentally turned out to look like Camille Lestrange. But since the two of them are the same person anyway...

Camille #2 (7-9-2004)
The only all-watercolour-picture I did for AD. And I think I'll stick to crayons.

Cho and the Baby Doll Dress (25-7-2004)
I admit, there's not much baby doll in this picture. Only a little bit of the transparent cloths hanging down from beneath Cho's breasts. Duh.

Family Lestrange United (25-1-2004)
From left to right: Camille, Charles, Cècile, Angélique (portrait), Istave, Narcissa (portrait), Véronique, Marguerite and a mysteriously by butterflies distracted Duane.

Family Portrait (8-2-2004)
Another Lestrange Family Portrait. From left to right: Marguerite (sitting), Narcissa, Istave, Angélique (sitting), Camille. Playing the Sims it is also possible to get the hair colour results (because if Istave has black/blond and Angelique has red/blond than Camille has black/blondorred, Narcissa has blond/blondorred and Marguerite has blond/red).

Lord Macnair (19-3-2004)
Lord Walden Macnair in his blood red Blood Legion uniform. Blood. Blood. BLOOD.

Lucilla (19-10-2003)
My first drawing of Lucilla Malfoy. I like her clothes, they're inspired by the Cinderella movie with Drew Barrymore - Ever After.

Marguerite #1 (23-7-2003)
Marguerite Lestrange - the second picture I drew of her. I like it. Black lips are teh sex and teh ebil!!!!11! *wooot*.

Marguerite #2 (26-10-2003)
Somewhere in the story it says Marguerite likes gothic and medieval clothes, but I had (and still have) not got a clue what they're supposed to look like, so I drew something that looks... I don't know. Renaissance? Baroque? Anyway, it's very princess-like. And that's what's important.

Marguerite's Yule Ball Dress (13-3-2004)
Well - pretty dress, isn't it?

Narcissa (23-7-2003)
Narcissa, drawn like her sister Camille and Marguerite above. I like her nose.

Narcissa's Yule Ball Dress #1 (December 2003)
Argh. It took me very long to figure out that Narcissa's dress was supposed to be... shoulder-free (if that's the right word). Still, I like the dress. I redrew it (see the next picture) to fit the description better, but all the pictures of the 11th episode show her with this "wrong" dress.

Narcissa's Yule Ball Dress #2 (17-3-2004)
There you go. Here her dress isn't shoulder-free either, but her shoulders are only covered by some sort of transparent... wrapping. Ah well.

Princess Ginny (30-3-2004)
Beautiful Princess Ginny with her beautiful white roses. Still, the Prince is missing in this picture...

Remus (4-4-2004)
Remus Lupin looks old in this picture, but very much like I imagine him.

Three Princesses #1 (Camille, Ginny, Marie) (19-10-2003)
The three princesses: Camille wearing pink (or rosé, that sounds better and is even French!), Ginny, wearing green (her rose is white nevertheless) and Marguerite in yellow. Camille's dress is heavily (very heavily) inspired by Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Three Princesses #2 (Cècile, Véronique, Lucilla) (28-12-2005)
The other three princesses: Cècile, Véronique and Lucilla.

Voldemort (24-3-2004)
Alright, this is not the way I think he looks like, but it's the closest one I could come up with so far. Still, in my picture, he looks way to feminine (and I doubt Voldemort would like to hear that he looks like a girl).

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