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AD art 13 - semper optima... fuck.

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Ihre Augen waren riesengroß und voller Angst. Ihre Hände waren blutüberströmt, wie lange hatte sie mit den Knöcheln gegen das Holz gehämmert, mit den Fingern an der Bespannung gerissen! Ihr Haar war zerrauft, das weiße Kleid hing in Fetzen um ihren zitternden Körper.
Und sie schrie, schrie, schrie...
- Amicus Draconis, Upon the 13th hour

Hm... it didn't turn out as good as I had hoped, but I like the idea of seeing all this from above. And I think if someone were ever to make a movie/tv-series out of ad, one of the last shots of this episode should be a... er... Vogelperspektive (no idea what that's in English) on Ginny, with her grave open and her in it screaming.

Because that's what I saw when I read that passage. Oh, yeah *gg*

And because I'm somewhat bored, here an un-coloured version of the whole scenery:

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